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Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone & Lenovo A10 Tablet HDMI Lead Cable

Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone & Lenovo A10 Tablet HDMI Lead Cable

Your looking for a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Lenovo A10 tablet HDMI cable, so that you can connect it to the TV or a monitor.  Unfortunately, no matter how many cables you have tried you either the cable connection does not fit your device or after you connect the cable the picture does not show on the TV.

The reason for not being able to connect the cable or get a picture onto the TV is that neither the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Lenovo A10 can output video via a cable.

Devices like the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which or connects to the TV via a MHL adapter cable and the Tesco Hudl 2 tablet which has a HDMI out can connect to the TV using a HDMI micro cable.

The reason that some devices do not have the video out capability could be to with making the devices more battery efficient and smaller in size.

Is there a way to connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Lenovo A10 to the TV?

Fortunately it is possible to mirror your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Lenovo A10 onto the television.  There are actually a number of methods of doing so, and they all use wifi to do so.  Let go through your options.

The first option is to use the Google Chromecast 2.  This is a very good option as it is made by Google and integrates well with the android ecosystem.  Connecting is easy also, just plug the Google Chromecast into a empty HDMI port on your TV and power the device using the supplied adapter.  Next download the Chromecast app on your smartphone or tablet.  You will need to connect the Chromecast to the wifi.

Once the Chromecast is set-up you will be able to mirror your screen from your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Lenovo A10.  You will also be able to send videos, movies and pictures to your TV without mirroring the screen using compatible apps such as Google Play Movies, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and more.

Buying the Chromecast at time of writing this blog, Google will give you £20 of free Google Play credit, 2 months free of NowTV Movies pass, 90 days free of Spotify Premium, 90 days free of Google Play Music and a free movie rental.

Get your Google Chromecast on Amazon

Check the Google Chromecast 2 video

Other options which are similar to the Google Chromecast are listed below:

Amazon Fire Stick Similar to the Google Chromecast.  You can download the Amazon Fire Stick app or use the supplied remote control. Link
Roku Streaming Stick Similar to the Amazon Fire Stick.  Has an android app and a supplied remote control. Link

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