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Savvy Tips To Connect Nikon Camera To TV

The use of LED and LCD TVs are today the easiest way people view videos and images taken by their Nikon Camera   spy cameras, action cameras, nanny cams, and other digital cameras.  However, so many people are asking many questions today like; how can I connect my Nikon camera to my LED TV using a USB cord?, or using a AV cable or through Bluetooth and so on.

The answer to this question is the reason we are here.   I am going to show some practical tips on how you can connect your digital camera; a Nikon camera to your HD TV using an HDMI cable or AV cable. Like I said earlier, there are various methods to do these, but our focus will be more on the use of HDMI cable because the use of HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect to rapidly growing number of consumer electronics devices. All new HDTVs, DVD, and Blu-ray players come with HDMI ports and of course, we have seen the same trend with portable devices like digital cameras, computers, smart phones, monitors and gaming systems camcorders having a form of the interface included.

Another question to ask when using your HDMI for connection to a TV set is; what type of HDMI cable is will needed for such connections? You will need a HDMI mini cable. Beyond just the HDMI cable there are a number of accessories available that can help consumers customize HDMI connectivity to meet special circumstances.

Connecting Your Nikon Camera To HDTV Using An HDMI Cable

  • Turn off both the camera and TV set
  • Bring out you HDMI mini cable and your HDMI mini standard cable and connect them together.
  • Remove other USB connections to your TV from other devices.
  • Connect the HDMI mini not more than 1.5M long to your Nikon camera and the standard goes to back of your TV. If you only have an HDMI standard, you can go ahead and connect it to a HDMI adaptor so that you have your HDMI mini connected to them.
  • Turn on both devices (Television and Camera) on the camera first.
  • Tune the television to the HDMI input channel so that you can find the correct HDMI input or source. When you select, press enter on your TV remote. If you are confused about this step, check your TV manual supplied with the television for details.
  • Make sure there is an SD memory card inserted to your camera, open the viewfinder of the camera and disable any Wi-Fi settings to the TV if not there will be no signal available on the TV.
  • If you are still having signal problems, go to your camera settings and choose default.
  • Go to video mode on your camera, and tap on the record button, the red dot shows you are recording. Therefore, you can record at the same time when viewing from your camera.


Note:                                                                                                                                                  If you operate the controls on the camera, you will not be able to control the camera with the TV’s remote control until you return to single image playback.

You can view images and watch videos while recording.

When you connect the camera to an HDMI CEC compatible TV, you can use the TV’s remote control to operate the camera and play back images or view slideshows.

Connecting Your Nikon Camera To HDTV For Viewing Using An A/V Cable

To connect a camera to your television for viewing only, you must use an A/V cable. In addition, the TV also must be equipped with A/V (Audio/Video) inputs.

  • Turn on the camera, while the TV is on.
  • On your camera, change the mode dial to ‘Settings’.
  • On the settings menu, scroll down and choose connectivity option.
  • From the connectivity option, select video out.
  • Note that Images may not display correctly if the camera’s video output setting (NTSC / PAL) does not match the TV output. Therefore; Press the select button, and then go to the Setup tab and select Video System to switch to the correct video output setting.
  • Now power the camera off and your TV set.
  • Connect the camera to your TV using the A/V cable. The AV cable has two port for audio and video. You can use an HDMI Adaptor / converter to connect your HDMI to your camera, while the AV port goes to back of your TV.
  • Turn on the TV and switch it to video mode or the proper A/V Source. Generally, you can change sources by pressing a button labeled TV/Video, Input, Line In, Source, etc.
  • Turn the Camera on by pressing the play button. The camera will automatically be in Playback mode when connected to a TV source meaning that the image will appear on the TV but nothing will appear on the screen of the Nikon camera.
  • When you are through with viewing the images or videos, turn off the camera and the TV first before removing the AV Cable.

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