LG K10, K8, K4, G3, G4 micro USB(Reversible) Charger/Data Lead Wire Cord Cable – Gold/White


LG Smartphone Micro-USB-B(Reversible) to USB-A(Reversible) Charger/Data Cable

  • Fully reversible USB-A connector (connect to a Desktop / Laptop PC);
  • Fully reversible Micro-USB-B connector (connect to the LG smartphone);
  • Sync, charge and data transfer with this High-speed USB cable via PC;
  • Can be connected to existing USB house plugs or Car USB adapters for charging at home or on the move;
  • Length: 1 metre;

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One of the easiest to connect cables.  Both connectors of this cable are fully reversible, so you don’t need to worry about connecting it the correct way.

Connect your LG smartphone to a Desktop / Laptop PC to transfer data such as photos, videos, music and files.

Connect this cable to a charging adapter or USB host for rapid charging.  Compatible with fast chargers.


– LG G2
– LG G3
– LG G4
– LG K10
– LG K10(2017)
– LG K3
– LG K4
– LG K4 (2017)
– LG K8
– LG K8 (2017)
– LG Nexus 5
– LG Nexus 5X
– LG V10
– LG X cam
– LG X Power
– LG X Power



  • Connector 1: Male USB 2.0 (Type A);
  • Connector 2: Micro-USB-B;
  • Conductor Material: Pure Copper;
  • Colour: White Cable | Gold Connectors;
  • Compatible with fast chargers up to 2A;


Additional information


Cable Length (metres)

Cable Type

USB Cable


Connection Split/Duplication

None (1 : 1)

Manufacturer warranty

1 Year


LG Micro USB Reversible White

Connector A

Connector(s) B

For Device Brand

Compatible Model

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