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Medion Akoya, Erazer, The Touch 300 Laptop PC Compact HDMI to HDMI TV 2m Gold Cord Wire Lead Cable


Medion Laptop Compact HDMI TV Cable

This high speed compact HDMI cable connects the Medion Laptop to any TV with a HDMI port.

This compact HDMI cable is lightweight and has one of the smallest HDMI heads, making it ideal for the Medion Laptop.

Play movies, games & apps on your television.  

Cable length: 2.5m (8.2 feet)



Please check that your Medion Laptop model is below for this cable to work.

  • MEDION AKOYA E6435 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E1317T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E6239 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E6241 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E6431 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E7223T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E7225 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA E7227 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA P6647 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA P6677 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA P7631 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA P7631T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S4209 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S4215 Ultrabook;
  • MEDION AKOYA S4217T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6211T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6213T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6415T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6611T Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6615 Laptop;
  • MEDION AKOYA S6615T Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER P7647 Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER X7613 Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER X7821 Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER X7831 Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER X7841 Laptop;
  • MEDION ERAZER X7843 Laptop;
  • MEDION The Touch 300 S6615 Laptop;

Still not sure this cable will fit your Laptop? Please contact us with your Laptop make and model.

Cable Specifications

  • Cable supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2K & 4K resolutions;
  • Oxygen Free Copper Conductor, Copper Braid Shielding, EMI & RFI protection;
  •  Black Cable  24K Gold Plated Connectors ;
  • High Speed with Ethernet, 3D over HDMI & Audio Return;
  • 28AWG (wire thickness) which is suitable for cables up to 10m in length;
  • HDMI V1.4 (V1.3 Compatible), 320 Ghz & 10.2 Gbps data transfer;

Additional information


For Device Brand

Manufacturer warranty

1 Year

Cable Length (metres)



Connector A

Connector(s) B

Connection Split/Duplication

None (1 : 1)

Cable Type

HDMI Cable


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