Zero : DAC high powered amp earphones for OnePlus One – Gold

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Recreate Hi-Fi music from your Android Phone using our integrated DAC and High Powered Amp Earphone

The world’s smallest DAC high-powered amplifier earphone designed to provide full digital audio without the need for an external device or bulky stereo headphone

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As music continues to becoming more mobile and much more personal, we ask ourselves how we can improve on earphone design for better enjoyment. HiFi grade products utilize external USB DACs and headphone amplifiers to eliminate the deficiency in the audio design of the mobile phone. We take this challenge one step further by shrinking the implementation into a regular earphone. Z:ero is the first digital earphone that includes a USB DAC and headphone amplifier that you won’t even notice. It gets pure digital audio data from your mobile USB port and creates High Fidelity music that everyone can afford and it’s easily carried around. This isn’t just some marketing gimmick. Z:ero earphones are truly digital.

People actually carry around bulky external USB DACs and amplifiers to improve the audio quality and we were able to compact it and put it inside standard earphones? Yes, we believed that High Fidelity earphone could be designed to be more affordable and compact by carefully picking the right architecture and components. We managed to put all components onto a tiny Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that fits into Z:ero’s control box. Don’t be fooled by its size, it comes with amazing results!



No matter how good (or expensive) your existing earphone are, it is limited by the DAC and amplifier design inside your mobile phone. Mobile phone designs are highly dense and audio quality is always compromised for cost and size. By getting the original audio data from the USB port directly, we free up the bottleneck of processing the audio inside the phone. It’s like going from RCA cables to HDMI in the TV evolution.



We know how important the driver is in order to create really good music. Z:ero digital earphones use neodymium magnets that can deliver high sensitivity SPL (sound pressure level) in the 110-120dB range. This translate into quicker response time and more vibrant audio .



Due to cost and size considerations, most mobile phones have very small audio output power in the 12mW range. With the headphone amplifier built into Z:ero, we increase the output power to 27mW. The bass quality sounds revived and you’ll be surprised how much you have been missing out with your old earphones.



Z:ero is currently limited in compatibility with the following Android smartphones;

* Asus Zenfone 2

* Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge

* Samsung Note2, Note3, Note4, Note Edge

* Sony Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3

* LG G2, G3

* Google Nexus 5 (with Android OS5)

* HTC One M7, M8

* OnePlus One


By using “USB Audio Player Pro” or “HF Player” from the Google PlayStore, you can extend the compatibility with other devices.



Driver Impedance : 32 Ohm
Fequency Response : 20Hz ~ 20kHZSNR : 96dB
THD : 0.02%
Output : 27mW max
Length : 1.2M



Z:ero comes with convenient and easy to use button to control your music. You can change the volume using the top and lower buttons while using the middle button to play, stop, skip forward and backward.


Play / Pause : O
Volume up :
Volume down : –
Next : Double Click 0
Previous : Triple Click 0

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